Kobani, Another World | A Declaration of 209 Social Activists of Tabriz in Support of Kobani Resistance



Kobani, another World

A Declaration of 209 Social Activists of Tabriz in Support of Kobani Resistance


The ISIS’s craving to massacre has besieged the small town of Kobani. World powers, the global masters are speechless, and the absurd melody of human rights is suffocated in this corner of the world. The allied forces, so-called harbingers of bliss and democracy to the people here, are the mere watchers of ISIS onslaught and its brutality. Never will we forget how these allied forces, in the apparels of NATO and led by USA and Britain, wiped out the Iraqi Government and its complicated political and security machine in less than ten days a decade ago. How on earth are these Allies unable to annihilate the ISIS? In the name of war with the ISIS murderers and with the sole purpose of showcase in the mainstream media, the Allies air forces fly over and bombard the mountains and plains of these areas from time to time. All progressive movements of the region are nullified by the ISIS. As ISIS soars in power, it plunges, in the discourse of media such as BBC, from ‘battlers’ to terrorists and savages. NATO and civilized countries flood to this area with the intent of aid. Common sense can realize, without slightest difficulty, from where springs ISIS’s confusingly financial resources and its complicated war machine, how they are being backed and where the story leads to.

Kobani People are besieged by the genocide of ISIS and the battle in town goes on in its back streets. Its people are bravely resisting with bare hands with no support from foreigners. In the want of food, medicine and weapons, all they have is love and faith. They honorably embrace death since they are in love with life.

An autonomous society with its radical democracy, Kobani is experiencing three special years. Community councils, in which every walk of life has its own representatives, are the decision makers .Kobani people don’t have their own masters, they make their own destinies. Kobani has surpassed all identity borders of race and gender and is a perfect model of human equality, an example unrivaled in the modern history of the region; a life in which people can live differently, an equal life free from all identity limitations; a style of life in which every member of society, whatever their religion, gender and race is, live with equal rights and shoulder to shoulder they manage their society; a life in which man is valued because he is a human. From this viewpoint, Kobani is crucial as a resistance center. Reactionary governments of the area and colonial governments are scared of the spread of such an idea of lifestyle in the region, an idea roaring to the people of the world that ideals of equality and freedom are not mere dreams. It is ironically good to see that this unique idea of community life is being blotted out by the ISIS murderers. On one hand, the wealthy Kurds, having accumulated their wealth from the charities of NATO and new colonialisms are muted, horror-struck since their riches are in threat. Here, the claims of racism and nationalism disintegrate and the naked truth of politics is unveiled. The Kobani people, even if they are Kurds, are not important as their being is not materially beneficial. Here we are dealing with war of interests and Kobani is not in favor of their interests. On the other hand, Turkey, the perfect government for colonialism in the region, and as the new gendarme of the Middle-east is turning the threat of Kobani for its own geopolitical interests and in this battle of blood is negotiating on the lives of Kobani people.

Kobani is reverberating melodies from the heart of history; Stalingrad, Auschwitz, Algeria, Chili, Khojaly, Halabja, Gaza.

Kobani is the symbol for the tortures defenseless people, a name that is so resonating in all Middle-East that even if it falls into the hands of genociders, murderers and reactionaries, it will eternally remain with us as an ideal of resistance for a better world; a world unstained by discrimination, authoritarianism and racism; a world free and equal. After Kobani, no colonial country will dare to brag about democracy and human rights. Kobani will haunt the world everywhere forever. Kobani, even if it falls, will stop history momentarily and stare at us tyrannized but magnificently making us sweat but filling us with hope simultaneously.

Kobani has divided our history into sections: World before and after Kobani's resistance experiences.

Kobani’s inspiring ideals will never cease to be with us, even if it falls.

11 October 2014



Ghodrat Abbasi, Mehdi Abbasi, Saman Abbasiyan, Sahar Abdi, Sahar Abdollahzadeh, Abbas Abdorrahimi, Farah Abdorrahimpour, Majid Abedini, Hossein Aghah, Fariba Aghabaglou, Hesam Aghajamal, Afshin Aghayi, Omid Aghdam, Mahmoud Ahadi, Hamed Ahmadi, Omid Ahmadi, Mehrdad Ahmadi, Neda Ahmadi, Hamed Ahmadiyan, Mehrnoush Akbari, Rahim Akbari, Maryam Alavimilani, Sevda Alimadadnezhad, Amin Alizadeh, Ata Alizadehgan, Babak Amiripouya, Mohammad Arjmandirad, Naser Asadollahi, Alireza Asemani, Naser Asghari, Akbar Asgari, Neda Ashjari, Ramin Alaei, Peyman Ayyari, Mahnaz Azadfar, Tahereh Azadfar, Sarraf Azimi, Elnaz Babayi, Babak Baghayi, Farshid Baghshomal, Boyuk Bahari, Mehdi Bahari, Mehrdad Bahrami, Negin Banakar, Mehrdad Banibayrami, Ahmad Banihasan, Shahab Barri, Afshin Barzegar, Maziyar Behmanesh, Amir Chamani, Mohammad Choubdar, Saeid Choupani, Ebrahim Darabi, Parvin Davari,Yasamin Dehghan, Saba Delkhoun, Rahim Dini, Shahab Dolatabadi, Davoud Ebrahimnezhad, Rahman Eliyasi, Batoul Ensafi, Firouz Eskandari, Naser Esmaeili, Ali Faezpour, Milad Fakhrayi, Saeid Farhoudiniya, Behrouz Faridi, Nasrin Farshbafi Derakhshan, Elshan Farshi, Reza Fateh, Shahin Fazli, Sahar Fekrdar, Vali Feyzi, Niloufar Firouzmand, Jafar Forouzan, Siyam Ganjeyi, Ali Ghiyalou, Aydin Gholamzadeh, Ghasem Ghorbani, Karim Ghorbanzadeh, Gholam Haddad, Ali Haghi, Somaye Hajizadeh, Sahar Heydarkhani, Sepideh Heydarkhani, Mana Hoseyni, Mahmoud Hozouri, Heydar Imani, Mohsen Iranzad, Aliasghar Jahedorang, Amin Jafari, Fatemeh Jafari, Abolfazl Jamali, Sahand Jamalzadeh, Jamshid Jalilnezhad, Razi Jafarzadeh, Karim Jamali, Akbar Javid, Bita Kabir, Hassan Kafi, Khatereh Kaleybari, Mehrdad Kamrouz, Sheyda Kaviyani, Zahra Kazemi, Hadi Khanmohammadi, Soheila Kharratiyan, Hamid Kharrazi, Afshin Khatibi, Behrang Khorram, Hossein Koushi, Mehdi Madadi, Hatef Madineyi, Vali Maharati, Rahim Mahnama, Esmaeil Mahmoudi, Pegah Maleki, Akbar Manaf, Fatemeh Manouchehri, Hassan Maserrati, Jalil Matloubi, Mohammadali Mazidi, Behrouz Mehri, Jafar Mehriaghdam, Arezou Milani, Alireza Minouyi, Eldar Moughanli, Arash Mohammadi, Davoud Mohammadi, Himan Mohammadi, Siyavash Mohammadi, Elnaz Mohammadpour, Soudabeh Mohammadpour, Majid Mohseni, Mir saeid Molaviyan, Ehsan Moslemi, Kouroush Mostafanezhad, Amin Nadalizadeh, Homayoun Nakhjavani, Fatemeh Nasr, Nader Nasiri, Yalda Navayi, Hassan Navidi, Amir Nazari, Amir Nazeri, Amir Niknezhad, Ahmad Nourani, Kaveh Nourani, Shahla Nouri, Majid Palouyeh, Mahsa Panahshahi, Mehdi Panahi, Yaghoub Pashang, Ali Payandeh, Arman Pirani, Behnaz Pouri, Ehsan Pourkheyri, Hadi Rabbipour, Peyman Raeisi, Rahim Raeisniya, Mina Rafiei, Mehrdad Rahimi, Ali Rahimpour, Shahin Ranjbar, Sina Rezvanmehr, Anis Saadat, Sadigheh Saadat, Nima Saberi, Farhad Sabeti, Mousa Saket, Soleyman Sales, Fattah Salmanzadeh, Gholamhossein Sedigh, Mohammad Sedigh, Zahra Sedigh, Nosratollah Shahedi, Nasim Shahi, Jalal Shamsouzan, Fahimeh Shayegh, Naghmeh Shirazi, Ahmad Shirinzadeh, Reza Shishvani, Mohammadali Shokrgozar, Ashraf Soleymani, Peyman Soleymani, Haji Soltani, Nastaran Soltanzadeh, Jalal Sepehri, Younes Seyf, Ali Tabatabayi, Babak Tahmasebi, Ebrahim Tafazoli, Morteza Tousi, Sasan Vahebivash, Abbas Vafayi, Majid Valipour, Bahram Vosough, Shahrareh Yaghoubi, Meysam Zakeri, Tahmineh Zardasht, Soudeh Zare, Narin Zarei, Hamid Zare Mohammadi, Saeid Zare Mohammadi, Amin Zargarnezhad, Negar Zehtab, Reza Zeynali, Babak Zeydi, Hamed Zolfaghari, Omid Zonouzi.

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