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The 71st anniversary of Palestinian Nakba Day

71 years have passed since the 1948 Nakba marking the establishment of the Zionist State of Israel. The continuity of the Israeli policies of occupation, ethnic cleansing and the systematic violence against the Palestinians is dominantly approved by citizens of the Zionist State as it has been seen in Israeli election campaigns and voter bases of the recent elections in the State of Israel.

At the international level, endorsing the Israeli occupation has become more apparent than ever. Violating the former international treaties and the so called peace negotiations, the United States of America has recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and several states have followingly admitted this claim while this aggressive proceeding in the light of the continuous occupation makes it clearer than ever that the alleged two-state solution is implicitly relinquished and supports only the occupier state of Israel.

US Imperialism legitimizes the occupation of the Zionist state and has recently held a proclamation recognizing the Zionist State’s sovereignty over the occupied Syrian Golan Heights. Concurrently, a large number of reactionary Arab state regimes in the region, in a de facto alliance with Israel, have indirectly facilitated this offense.

In the course of the last seven decades, never has the catastrophe of the occupation and displacement of Palestinians been normalized on a global level as it is today.

Precisely at this time, we start to hear some of those who proclaim themselves to be “communists” and “socialists” alleging that the attention of the international left to the Palestine issue is to a large extent caused by an apolitical obsession and is merely a matter of rhetorical identification. The same mouthpieces claim that occupation exists in every single country of the region. They claim that all nation-states are oppressors and commit violence and repression. To those groups, all states are imperialists and every foreign intervention in the region should be considered as an imperialist one. There is a major problem in this discourse. By generalizing all the political concepts such as occupation, colonialism and imperialism, not only they downgrade the Palestine issue, but also, they normalize the carnages and crimes of the apartheid regime of Israel, and conceal the unparalleled role of US imperialism and its allies in devastating the region and supporting the tyrant and reactionary states governing it.

They say: “look at Syria!”. They strive to claim that nowadays Syria and not occupied Palestine is the battleground of determining a truely socialist politics across the region. In contrary, we emphasize that considering the complexity of a multi-dimensional conflict and annihilative war in Syria, more than ever Palestine’s issue is our political compass to avoid any association with the historical imperialist interventions in the countries of our region.

They claim that emancipatory politics must necessarily condemn “both sides” of the so-called “conflict”, meaning the State of Israel and Hamas, otherwise those who recognize Hamas as a part of the Resistance movement are accused by those same groups to be standing beside the reactionary forces of the region.

From our standpoint, however, the concept of “reactionary politics” in the context of the struggles of Palestine should be necessarily defined in relation to the resistance against the Israeli occupation. Regarding the organized Palestinian political forces in such perspective, the reactionary organization is the one that have consented to have security cooperation with the racist Israeli state.

As a communist collective, no need to say that we have fundamental differences with Hamas’ ideology and certain politics. We genuinely hope for the emergence/revival of emancipatory progressive resistance organizations not only in Gaza but across the occupied land of Palestine. However, having a historical approach confronting the 12-year siege of Gaza and being the target of Israeli military attacks, the political and military role of Hamas in resisting the Israeli occupier state brutality is definitely evident and undeniable.

Besides, we consider that the concurrent and equal opposition against the so-called “both sides of the conflict”, namely the State of Israel and Hamas would end up in a reactionary position against the Palestinian resistance movement and would normalize the occupation and the Israel State oppression.

We as an Iranian communist collective in exile, believe that the progress and triumph of the struggles against all forms of oppression and state repression, against capitalist relations and class exploitation, and also against Imperialism, sanctions and war in all countries particularly in our region are all intertwined. Therefore, political and practical solidarity with the Palestinian resistance against the Zionist settler-colonial occupation is a vital element of any emancipatory politics in the region.

In the hope of celebrating the end of occupation one day, we declare our solidarity with all those Palestinian political forces who resist against the Israeli occupation. We defend all forms of Palestinian resistance against the Apartheid state of Israel.

Today, while we all witness the ongoing imperialist-backed coup in Venezuela, let’s remember the words of Comandante Chavez on Palestine: “I seize this opportunity to condemn one more time from the bottom of my soul: Damn you State of Israel! Damn you Terrorist and Assassin! Let the free Palestine live! Let the palestinian people live!”

Praxis Collective
May 2019


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Praxis Collective

The 71st anniversary of Palestinian Nakba Day

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